A Lighthearted Post

What I ate as a vegan SAHM: 11/13

  My morning started with coffee and Silk Pumpkin Spice Almond Creamer (if you haven’t tried it, get on that before the season is over. Seriously). I don’t eat with my coffee because I get nauseous if I eat to soon after waking up. I do drink a large glass of water after my coffee, though. Hydrate yourselves, babies!

                I ate breakfast, late for most but early for me, at 9:45am. On a typical day, my toddler either eats all my food or doesn’t let me eat unless he gets food first. This usually means that by the time I get myself some breakfast, I’m making him lunch and he’s already had breakfast and six snacks, probably. I forgive him thought because he is adorable.

                Breakfast today was a tofu scramble with mushrooms, avocado and kale, and peanut butter toast (which my toddler ate half of). It was freaking delicious. I had half a block of tofu that needed to be used. Normally, I would have waited to use it until dinner, but I made chili in my crockpot right before I made breakfast and I don’t really like tofu with chili. I actually have a really bad habit of skipping breakfast or not eating until dinner which is why I’m vlogging as well as writing this post (Bex Bellows on YouTube).

 After breakfast I had some grapefruit as a snack but didn’t realize that it was already almost noon. I wasn’t super hungry after that so I’m considering it a small lunch that I followed up with another large glass of water (about 24 fl oz).

                 I ended up not having a “real” lunch because I just never got hungry, but I did have a GT’S Gingerade kombucha before dinner. I wore a ballet style bun all day and it started to make my head hurt so the kombucha was mostly for comfort.

                Dinner tonight was my oldest son’s favorite: chili. The boy goes crazy for a bowl of chili and since it was kind of chilly (see what I did there?) I thought something warm and hearty would hit the spot. I loved eating it over rice when I was a kid, but I wanted to use the last half of a box of red quinoa that I had in my cupboard, so I cooked that up and served the chili over it. It ended up being a really good combination and I’m always looking for more ways to get healthy greens into my kids, so this might just become a standard for us.  I topped my chili with Daiya cheddar shreds and a homemade vegan sour cream and it was a little bit amazing.

                That was all I ate today. I try to stop eating before 7 or 8pm because I struggle with m weight and if I eat too close to bedtime I always feel gross the next morning.